Here to Transform the Recruitment Industry

Kareero plans to transform the $200 billion recruitment industry by shifting the focus from
CVs and bureaucracy to people and transparency. We are starting a global revolution with
which plans to grow to a $100 million business in 5 years!

500,0000 Users

50,000 Companies

100,0000 Jobs

25,00,0000 Threads

What is Kareero?

Kareeo is a digital recruitment platform. We are the world’s first online marketplacem
for job interviews for equal access to career opportunities.

Every year, billions of dollars are spent on job ads and after candidates apply, it
costs $4,000 per position on interviewing, scheduling, and assessment to decide if
someone is right for a job. An average position receives 150 resumes, and more
than 45% of candidates never hear anything back and 83% of candidates rate their
job search experience as poor while on the other side employers complain of lack
of long term fit.

We are in this mess because the recruitment industry lacks human touch - we are
hiring people, but parking them at the door and instead basing our judgement on a
CV that we toss into the bin after 6 seconds.

Kareero makes the job search process simpler, smoother, and more enjoyable for
the candidates. On the other side, Kareero helps companies cut down on
recruitment time and cost by more than 90% and get better and more passionate
talent. It also helps you build a strong employer brand!

Kareero transforms the recruitment sector with one simple switch: shift the
focus from jobs ads and CVs to job interviews and human interaction!

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Kareero Features

Kareero gives you the power to tap into passionate talent that is a good long-term fit for
your organization and at the same time helps candidates save time and get the power to
express themselves.

Up & Close

Kareero has a simple and intuitive design equally suitable for Job Providers and Job
Seekers. With Kareero you cover all steps including profile creation, interview scheduling
and management, video interview, and all communication in one place.